Lost GoPro Hero

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Circular Quay, Sydney, New South Wales
Hello to anyone who sees this. I am writing this on behalf of my girlfriend who lost her GoPro while in Sydney (circular bay). She lost it on the steps of the Opera House. She doesn’t have access to a computer so she asked me to write this. It’s a GoPro and the memory card should have pictures of her and her sister. If you found it and would like to return it we can offer you a reward. We would really like the pictures as it’s her first time visiting AU. We can verify that it’s her GoPro by providing a picture of her or matching the serial numbers since I’m sure she registered it. Either way thank you for being a great person. Any replies are welcome. She is still in the AU, I am in California,USA so she reported it lost to me 1/8/19 around 8pm PST so I’m not sure what time it would be there.. You can follow her on Instagram @jujugmz to verify her.

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