Lost Flower ring

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Unsure, Melbourne, Victoria
> $100
I will upload a photo tonight however it is the most valued piece of jewellery I own. It is a champagne diamond (1/5 carat) surrounded by white diamonds like a flower. The band is rose gold, it is thick as it was my mothers wedding bank and is easily distinguishable by the 2 lumps of white gold that have been added to the inner band to make it smaller as I didn't want to cut it to make it smaller as it is engraved along one side of one half on the inner side of the band. It was cut in 2 as it made up my mother and fathers wedding bands. I desperately want to find this piece. I am devastated and it's taken me this long to put it up anywhere as I have been in denial, sure it is in the house somewhere.

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Shannon Leggett