Lost Hp laptop

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Stand B2 near t80 seat , Parramatta, New South Wales
I lost my laptop around 5pm 01/03/2019. It is a 11? Inch hp stream white laptop (with charger) inside of a leather portfolio zip up bag with leather handles. Laptop is in sleep mode. When you turn it on it will ask for a password but the lock screen is a picture from Alice in wonderland. You will see the face of the Cheshire Cat (there is writing but it was cropped out). It’s a slim white laptop. The bus stop where it was lost from was B2 stand B (near the t-80 stop) on a seat (near nandos and max brennar). When I noticed, I returned quickly but it was gone. I really need it back, I was using it for work. (Disregard first version of this, contact details were incorrect, this one is correct)

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Michelle Duthie-Richards