Lost Birds Cockatiels 8

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Vermont, Melbourne, Victoria
The door to my aviary was open. 8 Cockatiels had got out. They vary in colours as pictured. I have lost 2 yellow with red eyes, 2 grey, 1 Pied and 3 pearl pied Cockatiels. Some do the wolf whistle but some don't. Some will have missing toes where they were attacked by foxes as they were climbing up the wire of the aviary. They are not really tame but they could become tired from being out in the big wide world when they are not used to it. Cockatiels are not homing so they do not know how to make their way back home. You can catch them by throwing a blanket or towel over them and if you don't have a cage then please put them in a shoe type box with holes. Please provide water for the time being and if you don't have any seed, please give them some bread, corn on the cob, spinach and seeded grass. They were lost in Vermont Victoria but they could lose their way by quiet a distance but not sure how far exactly. They could be anywhere from Vermont to the Dandenongs to Narre Warren to Glen Waverley to Wheelers Hill to Camberwell to Doncaster or to Warrandyte and beyond. Please call me if you site them or if you manage to catch them. Thank you, I appreciate any help.

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