How to find lost item?

Late to work again because you couldn’t find car keys? Packed for holidays but you don’t remember where you put your passport?

Maybe you haven’t been in any of these situations but you probably have issues with finding different items. Here are some tips to help you find lost items. You will save time and your nerves.


1. Check your closest surroundings

Check your room or rooms where this item could be. Don’t look in every little corner; don’t look under the pile of clothes or in the pockets of trousers. Instead just look around and check if it’s in a visible location.

2. Check if the item is in the place where it usually should be

If you lost your card - check your wallet first. If you are looking for your keys - check the lock in your door. Very often lost items are in the places where they belong or are used frequently.

3. Check yourself

It may sound stupid but sometimes we may forget that the glasses we are looking for are actually hanging around our neck or on our head. Check all these obvious locations one more time even if you are sure that the item is not there.
Check your pockets and reach deeper - are you sure they are fully empty?

4. More precise search

Now when you know that the item is not around you, check your whole house and car. If your house is messy it will take you more time but be sure you are doing it precisely.
Most people do the same activities every day so the search area should be smaller as well.
To save some time, don’t search irrelevant places, like looking for your keys in the chimney.

5. Clean your surroundings

Try to clean the mess in your room/house/car/bag or other locations where you could have lost your item. Items hardly ever get lost in clean places. Only thorough cleaning can help you find the lost item. If it doesn’t work, at least you will have a clean place.

6. Try to remember the place and time when you used the lost item last

Did you take it to your friend’s or work? Did you have it in the bus or restaurant recently? When was the last time you used it? Thinking back like this can actually guide you to the lost item. Usually items are lost when we are distracted. Maybe someone cleaned the house and moved the item to a new location? Where could it be?

7. Imagine you are holding this item and try to think where you would you put it.

Go to the first location that appeared in your head- maybe it’s just there.

8. Call people and places which you visited recently.

Maybe they have kept your lost item and are waiting for you to show up and pick it up.

9. Ask other people for help.

Asking other people for help often increases your chances of finding lost items. These could be friends, family members, bus drivers or complete strangers. You can also send the ad to your local paper. It can be important if you are looking for valuable items.

10. You can also consider that the item was stolen.

Don’t panic. Think how valuable it is and think who could’ve taken it. If the value is low, the possibilities it was stolen are rather low, too. But you never know, sometimes people steal items without any reason.

11. Wait some time.

Sometimes items can be found after some time. Your sister will vacuum the place you didn’t think about before and maybe she will find the item. Unless it’s the item that can causes many bigger problems (credit card, mobile phone, ID card). Then call the police at once and call your bank to block the card.

12. Next time try to avoid losing anything.

Always put the items in their designated places, clean up your house and find the best specific place for keeping valuable items.