Found Apple Watch Helensburgh

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Walker Street, Helensburgh NSW 2508, Wollongong, New South Wales
My parents have found an Apple Watch on the road opposite Coles Supermarket in Helensburgh. If you think this is your watch, email me the colour of the watch face and band, the material the band is made of, and the serial number. If we meet to hand back the Apple Watch, I will need you to prove to me that it syncs with the App on your phone. As the title specifies, the watch was found on Tuesday 30 January 2018 at 4pm, on the road on the opposite side of the road to the Coles Supermarket. Once I am sure that this ad appears by googling "Lost apple watch in Helensburgh" or "Lost Apple Watch on Tuesday 30 January" or similar, and I haven't heard from the owner in 3 months, I will stop trying to find the owner. I have also posted this on Gumtree, and will post it on as many sites as I can find. If I do not get a legitimate response from the correct owner in two weeks, I will buy a charger to see if charging it helps them locate it. If I find the owner after that period of time, I would just ask that you offer to pay for the charger (approx. $15). Note: My parents have previously reunited an owner with their wallet, and were shocked when the person was really rude when meeting them to get it back, so I would appreciate some consideration to the effort I have put in to reunite you with sure an expensive material possession. Also note: I am a fellow Apple lover since 2003, yah that was well before the first iPhone was released, so I now how Apple products work and will not give it back without strong evidence that you are the legitimate owner. Remember as I stated before you must prove that it syncs to another device, which I am sure is an iPhone. On that note, I hope I can reunite this watch with its owner, as I would personally be very upset if I lost something so valuable, and nobody had tried to contact me. Good Luck finding me Apple Watch owner! I can meet you either in the Illawarra region, or in the Sydney CBD near Town Hall to reunite you with you valuable possession.

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