Lost Gucci bracelet pendant

Category: Jewellery / Bracelet

Miami/ Burleigh MAYBE Robina, Gold Coast , Queensland
I’ve lost just the pendant! I went to the beach at Miami, in a range of about 100m to the right of the big rock, then to the markets at Burleigh state school (this was 12:30pm), then we parked out the front of zepickle in Burleigh and went to govindas then California tacos and sat out the front of the op shop on the bench. We then proceeded to cross the road and sit on the grass I front of the toilets directly under a palm tree :( I may have even lost it 28/05/2020 at el camino around 630-8 or strike bowling at robina 8-11ish, we then proceeded to go sit at the promenade

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